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Have you been looking for natural & holistic ways to help alleviate anxiety & promote mental, spiritual & physical healing in your life? Are you curious about amethyst crystal & gemstone healing powers? If you answered yes, then you’re at the right place!

Read on to find out:

  • What amethyst is,
  • Where it comes from,
  • The healing (or metaphysical) properties of this gemstone, &
  • How you can use it to help with anxiety & healing.

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a precious stone that has been used as sign of wealth, in jewelry & for healing and purification for ages.

A truly beautiful gemstone, from the quartz family, it was discovered by ancient Greeks in 3000 B.C. and named from the Greek word “amethystos”. This means “not drunken”, as it was believed to cure intoxication. 

The Egyptians, quick to catch on to this newfound beauty, similarly thought that it kept people from being poisoned. 

The color of the stone, purple, also has meanings of its own. It is known to symbolize royalty, and, in fact, ancient nobles would carry it on their person to keep grounded.

Read more about the detailed history of amethyst here & here.

Where Does Amethyst Come From?

According to, “the United States Geological Survey states that Bolivia, Brazil, Tanzania, Uruguay & Zambia were the countries with the highest production” of amethyst.

However, smaller amounts of amethyst growths are found all over the world—especially in other rocks.

According to Wikipedia, locations of amethyst in the US include Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, Yellowstone National Park, North Carolina, Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan.

Today there are many mines all over the US that you can go to and dig for amethyst and/or other crystals.

Check out this live dig example from the Crystal Collector. He posts videos & pics regularly of his crystal mining adventures all over the US.

What Are the Healing (Metaphysical) Properties of Amethyst?

Across the world and throughout time, cultures have accepted the metaphysical & healing powers of amethyst.

The stone not only protects the entire spirit, but it also clears, opens, and balances specifically the Sahasrara (crown chakra) or the seventh primary chakra of the soul that lies on the top of the head. 

It is widely believed that the sahasrara connects one to the universe, and is the powerhouse that charges the other six chakras. 

When amethyst is used to heal and rejuvenate this, the chakra works without blockages and can be most beneficial to the rest of the body.

Which leads to healing all over—and who wouldn’t love that, right?

Here are just some examples of the many things that amethyst can do:

  • Helps improve digestion issues when worn
  • Reduces tension & stress
  • Decreases swelling & inflammation
  • Decreases ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Helps control OCD & hyperactivity
  • Improves sleep issues
  • Decreases nightmares
  • Relieves headaches
  • Helps during the grieving process especially when terminal illness is present
  • Heals spiritual issues
  • Provides protection of one’s energy field and levels & aura
  • Helps with sobriety
  • Calms & soothes anxiety

How can you use amethyst to help with emotional & mental healing-especially with stress relief?

Wear it.

This is probably the easiest way to get amethyst into your life. Find a piece of jewelry that contains amethyst & wear it whenever you need to tap into those purple healing vibes.

We have a pretty selection of amethyst jewelry pieces you can purchase & use to help ease anxiety. (A-hem, excuse our shameless product plugs here.) 

Purple Iris Passion Amethyst Bracelet - BirdSong Designs ONline


Purple Amethyst Earrings - BirdSong designs ONline

We love amethyst so much, that we designed an entire collection around it!

Carry a pocket stone.

    The ancient civilizations did it this way & so can you! Why reinvent the wheel, right?

    Get a pocket stone & carry it in your bag, purse, in your bra, or in your pocket when you’re going out. They are very affordable (usually less than $10) & easy to carry around.

    Shop for amethyst pocket stones @ Crystal Rock Healing

    Meditate with it.

    Carry your crystal with you when you meditate & it will help you focus better & calm & protect you while meditating.

    We have a great amethyst bracelet that is perfect for wearing while meditating!

    Amethyst Bracelet - Birdsong Designs Online

    Put an amethyst stone inside your pillowcase.

      Having even a small piece of amethyst in your pillowcase or under your pillow will yield some powerful protective & healing energy while you sleep.

      Hold it in your hand while you get a massage or a Reiki healing session done.

        Reiki is a form of energy healing that is used to help ease anxiety & provide spiritual, emotional & mental healing.

        By healing in these areas, it is believed that your body is then free to heal physically because it no longer has energy “blockages.”

        This form of healing is peaceful & non threatening & very relaxing—especially when combined with massage and amethyst.

        Use an amethyst beauty roller when doing skin care each day.

          They feel great, help improve circulation in your skin & you will get the benefits of the amethyst stone healing. Wow! Now that sounds amazing don’t you think?

          You can shop for amethyst gemstone face rollers here (just click the pictures):


          Amethyst face roller


          Amethyst Face Roller from Sephora


          Use it as rosary or prayer beads.

          There’s not a whole lot to add to that one. Combining the power of prayer with the healing power of amethyst will definitely ease your stress & anxiety.

          Put it in your console or glove box of your car.

            If you have traffic woes or road rage tendencies, or a teen driver (yikes) place amethyst in your – or their - car to provide protection and to help ease the anxiety of driving.

            Place it on your desk or a table in your workspace.

            We have a beautiful piece of raw amethyst that we have in the office here at BirdSong Designs.

            The color is calming & we love to walk by & touch it throughout the day. 

            In fact, we love it so much that we take it with us when we go to shows & events.

            We use it in our display area to send healing vibes throughout our booth & so that our customers are happy when they shop.

            Rhonda used that crystal at her previous job as well to help calm & center herself during those long & stressful work days.

            It worked so well soothing, that we have amethyst crystals all over the house and in our bedrooms! We do love our amethyst! 

            Amethyst Healing - BirdSong Designs ONline

            See that gorgeous purple crystal? That baby sits on a desk in our office! 

            Place it on tables, shelves, and vanities all around your house.

              We just said this a little bit in the #9, but placing amethyst all over your house is such an amazing way to get powerful healing & protection into your home & life.

              Start by placing it in places that have lots of energy or high anxiety, like the den or kitchen.

              It won’t take long before you have it all over the rest of your house. Because it just sends calm & soothing vibrations that help send emotional, spiritual & mental healing to everyone in the home.

              You can find raw amethyst for sale online & even at stores like Marshalls & TJ Maxx or Homegoods.

              Final Thoughts

              There are so many ways to use the healing power of gemstones & crystals to help ease anxiety & bring healing to your spirit & emotions.

              Using healing methods like this, along with current treatments from your health care practitioner, can really improve your overall health & mental well being.

              And when you’re well on the inside, that’s when the physical healing should flow! 

              Do you have any suggestions on how to use amethyst that you want to share with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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